Epic V10 Sport

Epic have taken the principles behind high-performance equipment, combined with their knowledge of racing kayaks, to make efficient and stable surfski kayaks.

EPIC V10 Sport - V10S

With hull dimensions of 20’ x 19” the V10S is relatively fast and relatively stable (for a boat under 20" wide) that intermediate surfski kayak paddlers may aspire to.

The V10S is a fast and stable hybrid that intermediate surf ski kayak paddlers could choose to master as a progression to full surf skis.

The V10S cockpit features a fully adjustable foot brace and a foot controlled surfski rudder is standard. Just point your toes and the V10S responively steers left or right.

The V10S incorporates bow & stern carry handles, a Venturi drain and hull breather tube. There is a bottle holder and the rear deck has bungees.

The V10S is for touring kayakers looking to make the transition to high performance surfskis, or a simple, efficient boat for fitness and the freedom of an open cockpit.

Surfski Kayak Features

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Full Waterline Length: Nearly the full length of a surfski kayak is in the water.

Appliance of Science: Experience and testing have shown that a full-length waterline provides maximum efficiency going forward, and creates more volume in the bow for better rough water performance.

Swede Form Shape: A swede form kayak is wider behind the seat for better stability, and narrower in the bow for a smooth entry into the water and a close efficient stroke.

Rocker Profile: The rocker in surfski kayaks should be optimized to provide improved handling in a wide range of sea conditions.

Front Deck Cutaways: Cutaway front deck design allows a close, efficient catch at the start of every paddle stroke.

Steering System: The surfski steering system provides dependable control, a clean silhouette and easy access for adjustment and repairs.

Adjustable Full Foot Brace: Allows paddlers to use their legs in the stroke (pressure on the heels) while steering independently with their toes.

Adjustable Seat: Surfski kayak foot pedals are adjustable for different height paddlers. They slide forward and back on an integrated cockpit rail. Paddlers can fine tune their cockpit position for maximum efficiency and personal comfort.

Lightweight High Tech Materials: Surfski kayaks are usually made with strong, durable, lightweight materials.

Club Construction: Fiberglass on a core mat. Vacuum-bagged with polyester resin.

Performance Construction: Composite hybrid of fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar. Vacuum-infused, heat-cured epoxy.

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