Surf Ski Kayak Information

Surf Ski Kayak is new concept takes the best of surf skis and the best of sea kayaks to create a paddle craft that excels across a wide range of conditions.

Surf Ski Background - The Sit On Top

Surf skis are derived from rescue craft that evolved from long surfboards into sit-on-top kayaks. Thank you surf lifesaving and Tim Niemer!

There are two distinct types of surfski in use today. The Spec Ski conforms to surf lifesaving regulations and specifications. The LD Ski is the long distance ocean racing ski that is designed to surf swells at sea - see SA Miller Run for a downwind classic.

Spec Skis tends to be shorter and have more rocker (longitudinal curvature of the hull). LD racing skis are longer and narrower, typically around 6.5m (21 feet) in length.

Surf skis are generally designed for racing. The art of surf ski paddling is using the energy of swells, riding from wave to wave when surfing downwind, to go faster than paddle speed only. Experienced surf ski paddlers actively look for strong winds and swell conditions.

Surf ski paddling has traditionally been developed in Australia and South Africa but the sport is expanding rapidly into the US and Europe.

Sea Kayak Background - The Sit In

Sea Kayaks are generally designed for touring. Sea Kayaks are generally shorter, wider and more stable than surf skis.

With sea kayaks the paddler usually sits inside the hull with the opening covered with a spray deck to keep water out.

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